Pastry blender: what criteria to consider when choosing

The pastry robot is an appliance for making pastries at home or elsewhere. Given its functions, it is important to choose it well. What parameters should you consider for a better choice of this device? Discover all the criteria to consider for its purchase.

The capacity and power of the food processor

The capacity of the food processor to choose depends on the use you want to make of it. Because the more its capacity increases, the more it allows you to make large pastry creations for a number of people. Indeed, the capacity of the food processor can range from 1 to 5 litres.

Also, the power of the motor of the appliance to be chosen is in proportion to its capacity. Since a large capacity food processor needs a lot of power to mix your preparation well. And this can vary between 300 and 1200 watts. However, it is preferable to have a food processor with at least 600 watts of power.

The material and ergonomics of the accessories

A food processor is usually accompanied by three accessories, namely the whisk, the sheet and the hook. In order for them to be more resistant when used and washed, it is necessary that they are made of stainless steel. It is also important to ensure that they reach the bottom of the bowl. This is important when mixing small quantities of ingredients.

The shape of the handle is also an important criterion to take into consideration. The handle is essential, especially when the bowl is filled with dough and therefore very heavy. So the stronger the handle, the easier it is to handle and the more safely you can spill the contents of the bowl onto the work surface.

 The bowl, a non-negligible criterion

It is important to pay particular attention to the bowl or vat when buying a food processor. It is between its walls that the ingredients are mixed. Therefore, you should consider the material of the bowl and its capacity.

As far as the material is concerned, metal is the most preferable because of its solidity, lightness... The bowl must also be large, at least 3 L, in order to accommodate all the possible ingredients.