How to choose an anti-wrinkle massage device ?

Technoscience has made it possible to have anti-wrinkle devices. These devices essentially make it possible to smooth out wrinkles and traces of ageing. However, what are the criteria for choosing an anti-wrinkle massage device? This article answers that question.

Focus on ergonomics

The massage anti-wrinkle is a device that you will use alone and at home. Therefore, it is important that it is simple and easy to use for effective and satisfying results. So, for practical convenience, you should choose an anti-wrinkle that can be held in your hand and passed over your face easily. So, the device should be lightweight and suitable for the shape of your face and body.

Also, cordless rechargeable devices are to be preferred for better comfort.

The power and safety of the anti-wrinkle massage

There are anti-wrinkle devices that are used only for the face. However, with the evolution of technology, it is now possible to have a versatile anti-wrinkle for massage that can be used on the whole body. Therefore, it is best to choose a multi-purpose anti-wrinkle that will make the skin firmer. This choice allows you to have two devices in one and therefore to save money.

The use of an anti-wrinkle for massage should not cause painful sensations, but just a little tingling on your body. Thus, you will have to choose an anti-wrinkle that guarantees you safety on this point.

The different possible technologies

Anti-wrinkle massage devices use 6 different technologies that determine their typology. It is therefore important to master the technology that is used by an anti-wrinkle before buying it. Indeed, it can be light therapy, electro-simulation, oxygenation, thermal energy, ultra-sound or ionizing function. You therefore have to choose among these technologies while taking into account their functioning.

Nevertheless, it is recommended to use LED light therapy technology from the age of 40. And the electro-simulation or ultrasound technologies from the age of 50.



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